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Sedation Dentistry Directory Dental Phobia Dental Anxiety Resource The Sedation Dentist Directory is a specialized directory of dentists and other dentistry professionals who are involved in conscious sedation dentistry and/or it's alternatives. Oral sedation, Nitrous Oxide and IV sedation are popular services that many patients seek for assuring relaxation.

Many patients take advantage of the different levels of Conscious Sedation or Sleep Dentistry that allows the Dentist to perform multiple treatments and procedures that might normally require more frequent visits.

Anxious or even phobic patients often discover that sedation dentistry can offer the perfect solution for maintaining good oral health while being in a totally relaxed state or sleep-like state.

Some dental patients seek alternatives to sedation dentistry. This directory serves as a starting point for learning more about what types of sedation dentistry are available in your area.

The Sedation Dentist Directory is in development. Contact us if you are unable to find a practice in your area. Look for and click on the Request button to send us a request. We will attempt to locate one nearest you.

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