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Sedation Dentistry - Who is a candidate?

Adults who:
  • Have a high degree of fear of having dental treatment completed
  • Are embarrassed about their mouth
  • Hate needles
  • Have a difficult time getting numb or gag easily
  • Have very sensitive mouths
  • Need to have their treatment completed in as few appointments as possible
  • Just don't like coming to the dentist

The most commonly asked questions and answers:

Do I have to have a needle in my arm to be sedated?

Am I unconscious?
No but you are sedated and you will be very relaxed

Do I feel pain?
You will be able to communicate with us but will be so relaxed you will have a higher threshold before you are aware anything is bothering you. Many times you remember very little of what we do for you because you are not paying attention to us.

Will you need to use shots inside my mouth to deaden my mouth if we do this?
Today with some of the technology we have available to us we do not use as much anaesthesia as we used to. But we still use local anaesthesia when it is expected to be needed.

How long will I be sedated?
That depends on the amount of work you will be having completed. Normally from 2 to 6 hours is enough.

What are the benefits?
You take a pill 30 minutes before treatment and bring the others with you. You do not have to have an IV started in your arm to give you the medication.

You can have treatment completed in fewer appointments. Some treatment plans that normally take 8 to 9 appointments can be completed in 1 to 2 appointments.

You are closely monitored with a heart rate monitor and pulse oximeter. These help us to very accurately know how you are doing at all times during your appointment. Someone will be with you all the time during your treatment.

The precise technology driven dentistry of today can be much more predictably and efficiently done when you are quiet and still.

What is the process?
  • We give you a prescription that you take to your pharmacist and have filled.
  • You have someone accompany you to your appointment.
  • 30 minutes before your treatment you take the 1st pill - this will relax you well
  • Your critical vital signs will be monitored
  • We supplement you with oxygen and nitrous oxide as needed
  • Your dental treatment will be completed while you are relaxed
  • When your treatment is completed you will be driven home where you can relax.
James L. Sanderson Jr., DMD
Birmingham, AL

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