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Sedation Dentistry Benefits

Sensible Treatment at a Sensible Time

Bad teeth is something that just about everyone can appreciate at one time or other during their years of practicing oral health care. Patients who have the resources to be diligent and mindful of the recommendations of their dentist tend to experience the bad teeth phenomenon at least temporarily.

When the reasons for not undergoing treatment are more a function of a phobia or mild anxiety... things can get worse, however.

Typically, the longer we avoid treatment... the stronger or more robust the fear response becomes. Even our own imaginations can fuel the development of a really debilitating phobic reaction.

Finding the "right" dentist and the right combination of medications, environment and dental staff can make all the difference in the world. Treatments of almost any complexity can become easily managed. For some, they can almost become fun.

The photos contained in this gallery represent worst case scenarios of what can happen to individual teeth, jaw structures, occlusion and overall health of jaw bone and soft tissues when recommended treatments are avoided for too long.

The treatment suggestions are provided as a tool for investigating the availability of treatment options rather than a singular treatment recommendation. Patients may discover that finding the best dental solution for them ... may require a search for proven talent and skill that oftentimes may only be located through regional or state wide dental practices (usually in metropolitan areas).

Porcelain Crown Leakage - Bond Failures

Severe porcelain crown leakage. The tell tale signs, including significant black line effects at the gingival margins are quite evident. See more examples of Crown Failure
Severe Anterior Crown Leakage

Acid Erosion of Dental Enamel

Certain food products and common stomach acid can destroy the enamel of our teeth. Bulimia, purging, GERD and other causes of stomach acid coming in contact with natural teeth produce cumulative effects of damage. Popular soda pop beverages and energy drinks can also have acidic properties. Lastly, certain strengths of critic acid, as found in lemons, can cause similar irreversible damage. See more examples of Acid Damage.
Acid Destruction

Deteriorating Teeth Enamel

The development of tooth enamel begins very early in life. Disturbances in developmental issues, antibiotic treatments and dietary habits affect the formation of tooth enamel. There are substantially more ways of destroying enamel that can require intervention by a talented and creative dentist. See more examples of Tooth Enamel Problems.
Tooth Enamel Destruction

Advanced Gum Disease - Periodontitis Gingivitis

Advanced Periodontal Disease, Lost dental papilla, Periodontal Pockets, Drifting Teeth, Gum Recession, Bone Loss, Tooth Abrasion, Tooth Erosion, inadequate attached gingiva, diastema, bad bite, bad occlusion. See more examples of Destructive Gum Disease
Severe Gum Disease Bone Loss

Supereruptions: Moving Teeth

Supereruption of lower anterior teeth, decay under the old crowns. Resulting in bite collapse, deep overbite, additional tooth loss. Decay under bonded composite fillings, bone loss in edentulous areas. See more examples of Maxillary Mandibular Supereruptions
Supereruptions Mandibular Maxillary

Severe Breakage: Broken Teeth

Severe breakage of tooth structures accelerates the destruction or disruption of the bite and occlusion (occlusal relationship) that creates a visicious cyle of worsening dental health. The intitial causes can be minor... but left untreated can develop into what is seen here. See more examples of Broken Teeth
Busted Broken Teeth

Congenital - Developmental Tooth Positioning Abnormality

The upper arch jaw structure and numerous tooth structures have seemingly developed in a haphazard pattern. As a result, occlusion is severely disrupted. See more examples of Tooth Positioning Abnormalities
Extreme Diastema

Orthodontic Failures

Orthodontic abnormalities combined with periodontitis leading to more complex issues with bone structures and supportive - connective tissue require unique combinations of treatment to normalize function and overall health for adults. See more examples of Orthodontic Problems
Bad Ortho - Bone Loss Disease

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