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Conscious Oral - IV Sedation Video Directory
A collection of 4 short video testimonials of patients who have had dental treatments combined with different forms and degrees of sedation. Some "first time patients" and some "seasoned."

Learn how one patient is able to create unique advantages with sedation support services. It helps her manage a busy work schedule that doesn't permit the luxury of taking off too much time from work.

No anxiety first time patient
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Testimonial of a patient's first experience with dental sedation support services that enabled her to participate in a long appointment with total comfort and perceive the time frame to be much shorter. Video footage produced by Ron Briglia, West Chester PA

Long appointments
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Testimonial of a patient preference for taking advantage of some extra benefits of sedated dental treatment. It enables her to have extended appointments that eliminate the need for taking time off from work repeatedly. Additionally, sedation dentistry creates a fully relaxed state that can minimize post treatment aches and pains thereby permitting her to return to work the very next day. Produced by Dr. Ron Briglia, West Chester PA

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Children do well with sedation support services. Comfortable for the child, comfortable for the parents. Watch a live video of a young girl go through the steps of becoming relaxed and ready for treatment. Video footage produced by Dr. James Sanderson, Birmingham AL

No Pain
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Matter of fact testimonial of a patient who reports no pain during treatment and no pain after treatment. He frankly admits to being amazed. No pain ... never... ever.

Intravenous Sedation Procedure
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A light spirited testimonial and basic description of the steps taken to inititate Intravenous (I.V.) Sedation. Once the steps are completed, in the patient's words... "you're pretty happy and good to go!"

Painless Root Canals Sedation
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Who likes Root Canals? Nobody.... Dentists probably wouldn't like them either if they were on the receiving end. Combinations of sedating medications, procedures and the right atmosphere can make almost anything in dentistry manageable. Watch this short video that highlights a patient's perception of 4 Root Canals (RCT)... all performed in ONE APPOINTMENT!

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